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Breakfast for lunch at my parents’


These are eggs on top of tater tots, onions and cheese cooked in a muffin pan. Made by my mom, soon to be replicated by me. As soon as I take that Trader Joes trip for eggs.

Leftovers aren’t fun to write about

These past couple days have consisted of eating leftovers. Which I suppose is a good thing, for my money and for my stomach. But it’s boring to write about. I started my internship yesterday and let me tell you. I don’t want to cook after work! I did order chinese with my best friend on Tuesday night, and that was part of the leftovers. Not that cheap or healthy but… What are you gonna do. For lunch I’ve taken a peanut butter sandwich (I threw the jelly away last week because it was going on a year old) and dried fruit, and today these bagel crisp things. I found the bagel crisps at Kroger in the health foods section and was like how can bagel chips be bad! They’re not that good. Oh well. I need need need a trip to Trader Joe’s SOON. I might just drive up there this weekend.
I also started slow pitch last night, and man does it feel good to run. I attempted to wake up this morning for a run but wasn’t happenin. The problem is that I leave it up to myself to decide if I want to in the morning. 6am me is lazier than 3pm me. I’ll do it tonight maybe.
Here’s a pic of the bagel crisps, since the servers down at work and I literally have nothing to do! Hopefully more to cook tonight!


I’m like a chef

Breakfast: cereal. Lunch: rest of the breakfast burrito. Snack (aka dinner til 11): driedblueberry/cranberry/plum/cranberry mix. That is my attempt as satisfying my small sweet tooth without eating two dozen Hershey kisses. Cuz I can go to town on those things. 

Dinner, I almost decided to make another Goddess chicken. I decided to go with something else, though. Still chicken, but I don’t want to get tired of any one recipe too soon. I only have so many haha. So I tried those new Kraft Fresh Take cheese and breadcrumb mix. You’re supposed to be able to just throw the chicken, pork, whatever, in the bag and bam, seasoned meat. I learned very quickly that is not what I should have done. The mix can season up to 6 pieces. I only bought 4 and only intended on cooking 2. As soon as I threw the first piece in the bag, I realized I’d pretty much contaminated the mix. At least, I think so. So I made all 4. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong about thecontamination thing. Oh well, I was going to make the others anyways.


Overall, the seasoning is really tasty. The herbs and spices are great. I just wish the crispiness the mix created was on the bottom of the chicken, too. Maybe flip themover halfway through cooking? That could work, but I don’t really time it. Added some boxed rice and some frozen corn, and I’m a dang chef!





Early morning!

I had to be at work at 7 this morning, so undoubtedly for me, no matter how hard I try, that results in some sort of unusual breakfast to go. As such, paired with my coffee, my breakfast while I worked was cheezits.

After that (not so) fulfilling breakfast, I was feeling a need for a good, home cooked lunch/dinner… “lunner,” if you will. I made a delicious breakfast burrito! I love “breakfast” food. Any time of day. I’ve been staring mouthwateringly at some frozen breakfast burritos these past couple trips to the grocery store so that was my goal today.  I used leftover ground beef, mixed it with a couple eggs and some cheese. Normally I use organic cage-free eggs, but we bought this last dozen in a pinch for baking for someone and I didn’t want to waste them, so I used up the last of the “hormone eggs”. Very quickly I realized that eggs cook much quicker than ground beef. I knew this, I just didn’t really apply this before I started. Things turned out a little more overdone than I would have liked, but overall a nice light but fulfilling linner. I put the mix in a tortilla and viola! I have enough left for another and I haven’t decided if I want another or to save it. Maybe put a little cream cheese in it. I know I’ll be going out to eat with my boyfriend tonight so I don’t want to overeat. 

Here’s a picture of the insides… tastes way better than it looks. 


Day off, late breakfast

I made pancakes for breakfast since I discovered I had a rare Saturday off (for working the retail job, anyways; soon I’ll always have Saturdays off). Now, mind you they were nothing fancy. Instant mix. The “just add water” kind, even. I don’t really know how healthy that is, but it was filling without stuffing me and I was able to make it all (the rest of the) day without having to cook anything til dinner. Dinner consisted of a burger made with the delicious organic ground beef and some boxed butter and garlic pasta. Delicious stuff. This is really significant because I didn’t burn the meat at all!

I’m kind of odd when I eat things like burgers and hotdogs. I don’t use buns. I don’t really like them. First, it’s one more thing you have to buy or keep around and keep fresh. Second, I feel like they take away from the flavor of the meat. Like they dominate. I also didn’t put any seasoning on the burger. I’m up for suggestions but I really really like it the way it is.

Also, just as an fyi, the things I tend to drink with my food might also be important. You know, from a health standpoint. Usually, it’s water. I love water. When I was younger I used to say that water had no flavor and I didn’t like it. Now, I know the truth! It tastes like… water! Haha anyways I love it. Occasionally when I get off of work late, it’ll be  a beer. And generally at least once day, coffee. Oh I love me some coffee.Image

quick recipe from a commercial

Tonight I cooked… kind of. I got the idea from a Campbell’s soup commercial, the one where they cook white rice and dump soup overtop and call it a meal. So I figured hey, why not. Easy, pretty healthy, cheap, fast. Turned out to be pretty decent. Campbell’s chunky vegetable soup on top of white rice. It was a lot more… soupy than the commercial showed and Campbell’s chunky isn’t my favorite, but I’m not complaining. Very filling and not that bad for you. My coworker today was talking all about how he was going to get pizza tonight, and I had to try very hard to resist that and not think about how good that sounded. I’ve had a headache all day though and I know eating junk won’t ever help with headaches and such. I bought a couple extra cans of soup so I can make that easily another night.